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flucto's tech stack

At the core of flucto's technology stack are open-source motion sensor boxes, developed together with the university of Bremen. Each motion sensor box features a powerful single-board computer, GNSS, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a camera and a range of sensors to measure accelerations and estimate its precise location in space and time.

open source flucto motion sensor box

The range of connectivity protocols allow an easy integration of the motion sensor boxes into different scenarios, both short and long range. A 99 Wh battery provides enough power for 7 days of continuous operation. The powerful, 4-core single-board-computer enables real-time sensor data fusion and image processing. The motion sensor boxes are designed with openness and accessibility in mind; hence, all code and design files to build and use the motion sensor boxes are available on Github.

Motion sensor box prototype developed by university of Bremen during a research project.

from prototype to product

A motion sensor box prototype, developed by university of Bremen during a research project and deployed in the North Sea during the installation of the offshore wind farm Trianel Windpark Borkum II. In the project, the installation of all 32 turbines was tracked using motion sensor boxes. These motion sensor box prototypes lacked the connectivity available in flucto's motion sensor boxes today, but revealed the great potential of improving offshore wind farm installations with measurements. The data recorded with these motion sensor boxes was used to measure the actual weather installation limits. Further, the effectiveness of a tuned mass damper for single blade installation was quantified. Publications based on the data can be found on ResearchGate.

flucto in the field

monopile upending tool equipped with motion sensor box

Axzion's UET 1800 monopile upending tool, equipped with flucto's motion sensor boxes. The motion sensor boxes precisely track the upending process, detect collisions and - together with wind and wave data - provide the basis for measurement driven installation processes.

motion sensor box mounted on pile gripper

A motion sensor box mounted on a pile gripper during the installation of the offshore wind farm yunlin in Taiwan, 2022. The motion sensor box uses its internal camera to track the progress of the monopile as it is hammered into the seabed. The internal motion sensors are used to compensate for vessel motion.

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