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about flucto

We are a startup from the University of Bremen bringing digital monitoring technologies to offshore wind farm installation.
Our mission is to make the installation of offshore wind farms faster, more predictable and transparent to all stakeholders involved. We combine data streams of already in-use equipment as well
as flucto's sensors to present the data accessible and customized to your specific needs.

Founded in 2020, we finished our first big project in 2022, where we participated in the installation of the offshore wind farm Yunlin in Taiwan.

Throughout the 2023 installation season, we developed and enhanced our system and continued participating in the installation of the Yunlin wind farm.

Our custom monitoring solution gives our customers a unique, real-time insight into the installation process, accelerating installations and providing the basis for advanced analysis of the individual installations, ultimately saving time and money. With our bespoke sensors and software, our team is offering a one-stop-shop-solution to scale up and bring wind farm installation to the digital age.

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The crane vessel DLS 4200 preparing to take a monopile into its gripper, which holds the monopile during hammering.
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